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Our Office specialises in a complex service within insurance and leasing.

We will save your time, required for an unassisted identification of all products, which are offered by various insurance and lease companies operating on the Polish market. While preparing the offer for you, we will present the broadest possible range of stable and reliable companies to allow you to make a conscious choice.

With a view to the companies from the medium and small segment, we have created a modern insurance and leasing offer, both for the self-employed entrepreneurs running small family businesses, and for the entrepreneurs having well-established position on the market.

Our offer is characterised by great flexibility, competitive prices, together with the customer we select a product which matches the individual requirements of the entrepreneur. The selection of the most useful insurance and leasing will provide optimal protection.

We cooperate with the leading brands within:

  • vehicle insurance
  • financial insurance
  • insurance guarantees
  • property insurance
  • corporate loans
  • mortgage loans
  • leasing
  • cash loans

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